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Hospice admission is based on a 3-step process:

  1. The referring physician must determine that, in his or her judgment, during the normal course of the patient’s disease, the patient has a life expectancy of six months or less. If the patient meets this general criterion, the physician can order a hospice evaluation.
  2. A hospice-trained Admissions Nurse then evaluates the patient for eligibility for Hospice care.
  3. If specific admissions criteria are met, and the Admissions Nurse believes the patient is eligible for Hospice care, the patient’s case is then presented for approval by our full-time, Hospice and Palliative Medicine-board certified Medical Director.

Physicians should note that patients can receive hospice care for more than six months if they continue to meet Medicare’s eligibility criteria.

Referring from a Physician’s Practice

To refer a patient from a Physicians’ practice:

  1. Complete and sign an order form.  You may use your own or download our form here.  You can also fill out our online physician's referral form.
  2. Include a demographic face sheet, history and physical, any labs, medication list or other information relevant to the patient’s diagnosis.
  3. Fax the information to (912) 265-6100.

Referring Patients from a Hospital Setting

Please talk with your patient and/or their family about the benefits of receiving hospice care from Hospice of the Golden Isles.

  1.   Specify in writing that you wish to consult with Hospice of the Golden Isles on your order.
  2.   Engage the Discharge Planner in the facility, as the Planner will have our contact information and facilitate the rest of the process.